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Inakustik CD, Great Voices, 0167501-1


  • While I Look At You (Sands,Evie)
  • No Sanctuary here (Jones, Chris)
  • Walk Around Downtown (Wheeler, Cheryl)
  • All The Lonely Girls (Schild, Udo)
  • By The Light (Anderson, Miller)
  • Silver Wheeled Pony (M'Carver, Kimberly)
  • I'm Finished Here (Fankhauser, Philipp)
  • Petit, tu viens petit (Largounez, Patrick & Friedemann)
  • 1000 Lovers (Miles, Lynn)
  • Words Of Love (Munyon, David)
  • Lost (Schenker, Michael & Barden, Gary)
  • The Traveller (Taylor, Allan)
  • Up and Away (Martelle)
  • The Tide (Kaplansky, Lucy)
  • You Can't Always Keep The One's You Love (Blond, Leigh)
  • Argyle Bridge (Strauss, Steve)


Исполнитель Reference Sound Edition

Формат CD

Дата релиза  27.04.2012

Жанр Pop International


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