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Inakustik CD, Great Voices, 01675015

CD, Great Voices, 01675015
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While I Look At You (Sands,Evie)
No Sanctuary here (Jones, Chris)
Walk Around Downtown (Wheeler, Cheryl)
All The Lonely Girls (Schild, Udo)
By The Light (Anderson, Miller)
Silver Wheeled Pony (M'Carver, Kimberly)
I'm Finished Here (Fankhauser, Philipp)
Petit, tu viens petit (Largounez, Patrick & Friedemann)
1000 Lovers (Miles, Lynn)
Words Of Love (Munyon, David)
Lost (Schenker, Michael & Barden, Gary)
The Traveller (Taylor, Allan)


Исполнитель: Reference Sound Edition

Формат: CD

Дата релиза:  21.09.2018

Жанр: Pop International


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