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Inakustik LP, Great Voices Vol. II, 01675021


  • Hypnotizing (Sommers, Naomi)
  • Blue Car (Brown, Greg)
  • Hold On (Doby, Lisa)
  • There Is Another Place That I Can't Go (Muldaur, Jenni)
  • Clocks (Friend 'n Fellow)
  • Handmade Love (Shizzoe, Hank)
  • I'd Like To Know (Hutchinson, Meg)
  • Big Red Heart (Bonham, Tracy)
  • Lord Knows I Would (Yarbrough, Raya)
  • Deep Dark See (Halstead, Jenee)
  • Mind Your Business (Lindell, Eric)
  • Lady K (Carson, Kendel)
  • Wild Waste And Welter (Foucault, Jeffrey)
  • What Our Hearts Can't Say (Hinojosa, Tish)
  • The Long Road (Eberhardt, Cliff)
  • Don't Pay Attention (Potvin, Roxanne)


Исполнитель Reference Sound Edition

Формат  LP Audiophile

Дата релиза  18.05.2012

Жанр Pop International

Виниловая пластинка

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