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Inakustik CD, Reference Soundcheck, 0167505


  • Your Luck Will Find You (Shizzoe, Hank & The Directors)
  • I'm An Errand Boy For Rhythm (Pizzarelli, John)
  • Little Bit Of That (Blues Company)
  • Friends (Rotella, Thom Band)
  • Gate Ved Gate (Bremnes, Kari)
  • Finger Snappin' Good (Ratzer, Karl)
  • Sur (Deluigi, Silvana)
  • Hallelujah (Siffling, Thomas Trio)
  • Just For You (The Blazers)
  • What Am I Here For? (Drummond/Jones/Higgins)
  • Belle On The Ball (Gilkyson, Eliza)
  • Tricycle (Flim & The BB's)
  • Save Your Love For Me (Morgan, Melissa)
  • Exactly Like You (Brown, Ray Trio)


Исполнитель Reference Sound Edition

Формат CD

Дата релиза  23.05.2014

Жанр Pop International


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